Cardaswap Closes Seed Sale Round

The Cardaswap team is excited to announce the closing of its early adopters seed round for the upcoming Cardaswap Dex, (Read More Here).

The Seed Sale to early adopters was over subscribed as contributors exceeded the Hard Cap of 50,000 ADA in less than 48 hours.

  • All Seed Round Participants Will Get Their CADA Tokens On The 20th of September 2021

Cardaswap Decentralized exchange will allows users, traders and project owners provide liquidity for native tokens on the Cardano blockchain making it possible for other users to trade ADA for any other Cardano Native Token.

In return, users pay a small fee for liquidity, and the vendors earn their deposit back.

This shows massive potential for both Cardaswap and the Cardano Blockchain.

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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