Cardaswap Litepaper V 1.1

Cardaswap Team is proud to announce that we have released a new version of our Litepaper!

The 21-page Litepaper document provides extensive details on the different aspects of Cardaswap Protocol to broaden the knowledge of our community and the entire cardano community.

Cardaswap is decentralized Exchange on the Cardano blockchain.

The whitepaper clarifies some of the design decisions behind Cardaswap Protocol and the functionality of It’s contracts.

Litepaper Link

Also Check out our tokenomics and how they are distributed

What Is Cardaswap?

Cardaswap is a fully decentralized AMM (Automated Market Maker) trading protocol on the Cardano blockchain.

In the upcoming days, we have many more updates and exciting news for you. So make sure to -

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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