Cardaswap Pre-Sale Successfully Ends

Cardaswap’s Pre-Sale has ended successfully. Thanks to all the contributors!

Cardaswap’s 1st Pre-Sale ended successfully as of September 1, 2021/ 10:00 (UTC).

We saw tremendous interest from investors and the community in general.

We are sincerely thankful for the strong support from all the participants.

The Cardaswap team will strive to do our utmost to make progress in releasing our Cardaswap Dex Demo and Keep to our Roadmap.

At This Point, our Circulating Supply is 45% With 9 Percent Allocated to the team, which will be locked for a minimum of 2 Years to be released at the rate of 5 percent of the initial lock amount Bi-Monthly Until Fully Expended.

We will Be Sharing Further Details about the Tokenomics and how the Staking & Rewards tokens will be vested through our Liquidity Mining Program In a subsequent post.

We will constantly adjust and adapt our platform and community to further improve our $CADA token utility.

What is Cardaswap?

Cardaswap is decentralized Exchange / AMM (Automated Market Maker) on the Cardano blockchain.

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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