Cardaswap TGE & Funding Distribution
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Hello Cardaswap Community, as we have completed our token generation event and deployed on The Cardano Blockchain.

Investors yet To get Their Tokens Should Send An Email to with the details below.

1: Address Used In Joining The Sale Round

2: The Sale Round Participated In

3: Amount Of ADA sent.

You can view CADA token on Cardanoscan.

How The Raised Funds Will Be Utilized

We raised Over 120,000 ADA during our Initial sale, and in this post for transparency purposes, we will be highlighting how the raised ADA will be used to grow and evolve the Cardaswap ecosystem.

Cardaswap DEX Development — 30%

Exchange Listing & IEO Fees — 15%

Marketing & Partnerships — 25%

Locked Cardaswap Treasury & Ecosystem Development Fund — 30%

Cardaswap DEX & IDO PAD Development

We will be utilizing 30% of the raised funds to build our Decentralized exchange and our IDO launchpad for cardano projects on The Cardano Ecosystem.

Two Third of the allocation will be liquidated in a more acceptable currency to able to cover the cost of development.

Exchange Listing & IEO Fees

This would be able to cover the cost of listing and launching our IEO on a Cardano Blockchain compatible exchange which will drive in more users to our project.

Marketing & Partnerships

We have reserved a portion of the raised funds for further marketing and publicity of our Cardaswap platform.

Locked Cardaswap Treasury & Ecosystem Development Fund

We will be placing 30% of the locked funds in a treasury address that will be used for future development. The Treasury address will be broadcasted to the community once initiated.

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