Why Cardaswap Is Building on Cardano

We all know that there are many Blockchains out there, with each of them having their own unique features.

The Big Question is Why Did We Choose To Create On Cardano?

The answer thereto question is bit technical and therefore the rest is ideological.

Despite launching four years ago, it had been only this year that the Cardano network entered its third development phase and introduced the smart contract functionality.

Before now, the main target has been on ensuring network stability and scalability.

With this already achieved, Cardano is now able to boarding projects that want to create on its high throughput network.

Cardano is that the first project that bets on formal method development and therefore the team build it as a mission-critical project.

It takes tons of your time and energy to create such a project. The team carefully researched other existing projects and every one relevant studies, it can’t be scared of experimenting and checking out the simplest approach within the real-world environment.

Everyone’s interested by Cardano as Creating and deploying a token on Ethereum Mainnet is straightforward as any man can roll in the hay .

But with With Cardano, things are a touch trickier as unlike Ethereum, which uses an account-based system, Cardano uses UTXO style accounting.

This means each wallet isn’t limited to one address, but rather has multiple addresses. Thus, the ADA you hold doesn’t “live” in one address, but resides during a set of UTXOs that are related to that wallet’s addresses.

For Cardaswap to be able to build on Cardano, we first got to understand what the present smart contract development environment seems like for brand spanking new entrants to the Cardano ecosystem.

Smart contracts are automated agreements that execute binding transactions on the blockchain. they’re instrumental to putting together the on-chain behind-the-scenes digital agreements behind decentralised applications (DApps), creating decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms, and making more complex transactions on the blockchain.

We will be utilizing the Plutus smart contract platform which utilizes much of the Cardano ecosystem tooling and libraries that Haskell developers have come to understand and love.

From a Idealogical perspective, Cardano’s ethics is extremely much aligned with ours: we’re here for the end of the day , and while we will not wait to bring the Cardaswap Dex and NFT Marketplace to the general public.

Our Token offering to early adopters is Live Now.

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  • Seed Round Closes 20th September 2021*

- Cardaswap Team

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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