Meet The CardaSwap Team

Hello Cardaswap Community 😀

Barely 72 Hours after announcing our project and seed round to early adopters, our seed round filled as soon as it started which is a good indication that we are moving on the right track.

We have achieved so much in so much little time and we will continue to evolve to become one of the biggest Dexes on the Cardano Blockchain.

It’s time to introduce the brains behind the rapidly-growing Cardaswap Ecosystem.

E Baldwin — Marketing Advisor

J Delgado — Product Manager

Mr. Carda — Founder

Due To Employment Complications, The team has chosen to stay fully anonymous.

We also understand the importance of transparency and because of this, we will be announcing our advisors as we onboard them on this great project.

Keep up with our latest news and developments by following us on our social media.

Don’t Forget To Read our Disclaimer








Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange on The Cardano Blockchain

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